Monday, August 25, 2014

What we got ourselves into...

Hello!  I still can't believe we are finally homeowners... We also can't get over that we were actually allowed to buy a house {aren't we too young? oh wait, no...}.  Now, I hope you are excited, because I want to show you some pictures of what we got ourselves into. 

Front Room

Hello wall of wood.  


I'm actually most excited for this room.  I think it has some serious potential!  Can you see it? :)

Sun Room

Say goodbye to that middle wall!

Use to be Garage, soon to a Garage again. 

Does anyone want a safe?  We will give to you for FREE.  It may weigh 900 lbs and has already been drilled into...

Guest Room


The Master Bedroom

The Laundry Room

aka the creepiest room in the house...

The Basement Bedrooms

Alright that is it for now {I promise we have bathrooms}!  I will be posting soon about how we are GOING TO BE ABLE TO USE OUR WOOD FLOORS! 

 I am a little excited...


Thursday, August 21, 2014

And...we bought a house!!

Holy cow batman it finally happened.  
After 6 short months, 10 offers and countless shag carpet dining rooms we finally bought a house!!!  We had an offer accepted in the middle of July, and I have been too worried about it falling through to share the news with ya’ll! I kept thinking that the mortgage people were going like you guys are too crazy, immature, young, weird, or good looking to buy a house.  Then after we were officially approved, came the worry {I know, I have to pray about not worrying} about all the inspections.  Our house was a foreclosure so we knew there would have to be some things wrong with it.  Thankfully it was in "pretty good shape". 
 We are definitely buying a fixer upper with really baaaad carpet, paneling, gold fixtures, a blue bath tub, a space ship window, and double ovens from the 80s.  I could not be more excited!  I cannot wait to share our first home with y'all! 


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