Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend in Winter Park!

Happy Sunday! We just had an AWESOME weekend in Winter Park.  Are you jealous?!

God created some mighty beautiful sights for us to see! We spent one day skiing and a half day tubing.  I definitely recommend the tubing in Frasier.  :)

Tall Tan Man and I spent the weekend with my bestie Sarah and her new fiance {can't wait until September 5th}! I really love when my friends come to see me... It has been hard making girl friends since moving to Colorado.  We also ran into one of our college roomies, Jill, on the mountain!
  We ate lots of good food on the trip.  So much that I woke up with a stomach ache on Sunday...  We definitely recommend Hernando's for pizza/pasta and Azteca for decent Mexican food {good Mexican food does not exist outside of Texas, I just confirmed my Texas pride there}. 
 Alright folks, back to the real world tomorrow!  Fingers crossed that all the pizza/chips/wine did mess with my {new year's resolutions} and my weigh-in on Thursday goes well...


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Orb Chandelier

Welcome to this week's addition of Wonderfully Made Lighting! I am sorry if you are getting tired of all my lighting posts...but last weekend I read that updating lighting is one of the best ways to fix up a house! Check and check! This is a project I have always wanted to try and I was found this Orb at TJ Maxx:

It was only $10 and the perfect size!  Here was the original light...

I don't know about y'all but I saw some serious potential. 

How about now?

Okay, now!

I took all the parts I was going to use and spray painted them with ORB spray paint.  Tall Tan Man was able to cut through the top of the Orb with his dremel and drill.  Similar to, The Bachelor this week; there were sparks flying!

I re-attached the original part of the chandelier.

For old time sake here is what we started with:

I think we have made quiet an improvement!  I have been scouring all over for some real living room chairs that don't cost a stupid amount of money. 

I am pretty excited about our $10 light!

Alright, I am ready to get this week over so I can head to the mountains!


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