Monday, October 13, 2014

We have been BUSY!

We currently have half a million projects going on...

I keep wanting to share progress with y'all, but things still look like a hot mess.  I just need to get over things looking half quarter an eighth done, because my Mom wants more pictures :) {hi mom}!   Our bedroom now has BLINDS, and a fan that isn't covered in flowers.  

Did you notice our latest project?  Keep your fingers crossed that our doors turn out beautifully!  We really don't want to buy 10 new doors... Up next is our guestroom! 

Isn't it beutiful?! haha We actually have friends coming to Denver in two weeks, which means we need to decide on a paint color...and move the furniture back in...and put up blinds!  Now we are on to the office.  Everything {not including trim or baseboards} is now painted!  I guess that doesn't mean everything...   

You might not think this looks like progress, but there are no boxes in floor which seems like a miracle.  Everything still needs to be arranged/decorated, and the file cabinets need to get painted. Alright, who wants to see the front room???

How do you like the paint color? I LOVE it {not a joke}!  I decided to add some Halloween decorations to make me happy.  And yes, that is a microwave on suitcases.  On to the kitchen: 

Holy cow, it is unbelievable.  One wall in our house actually looks "finished!" Who needs baseboards? This wall is across from our kitchen.  Speaking of our kitchen...

Looking good right?  ;)  We have appliances, and holes in the ceiling!  Up next is our sun room which where we do our hanging out.

Alright, thanks for stopping by!  I am officially on fall break, and can't wait to be productive this week {and not watch Netflicks, ugggh yeah right}.


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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Revealing the most finished room in our house!!!

{please ignore the sheet hanging out}

Hello!  We have a normal looking bedroom!!!  Can you tell that I am pretty pumped?? I know we have a long way to go, but look how far we have come!

Before I get to the list of things I still want to do I will cover what we have done.  Floors were sanded, stained and sealed.  Ceiling was repainted.  Tall Tan Man {aka stud muffin, aka Tim the Tool Man Taylor} repaired a massive hole in the wall.  I am not sure why they thought covering the hole left by the AC wall unit with wood was a good idea. 

Can you tell where the patch is?

Neither can I!  :)  He did so good.  

Up next is getting a ceiling fan that is not adorned with flowers.  Ceiling fans are interesting creatures. So far I haven't met one I really like...  We are trying to stay to a budget, because ultimately {maybe 3-5 years} we want to sell this house to make some money.  Therefore, we will not be spending $200+ on a ceiling fan.  If you know of any beautiful and cheap ceiling fans please let me know!!!

  We also need to install some BLINDS!  I am not going to lie...I got dressed this morning sitting on the floor {not an easy or pleasant task}.  We also desperately need a rug because the dark stained wood look is overwhelming.

Here is our to do list {yes, I put items on the list we have already done so I could check them off}:
  • Remove Carpet & Redo Wood Floors
  • Paint Ceiling
  • Fix AC Hole in the Wall
  • Paint Walls
  • Update Ceiling Fan
  • Put Up Blinds
  • Put Up Curtains
  • Update Closet & Bathroom Doors
  • Hang Art/Mirror
  • Get an Area Rug
  • Update Window Seals
  • Install Baseboards
I will share more projects as we get them done!  Well, maybe not everything.   Do you want to see our new toilet seats? They are totally awesome!  I'm kidding.  Well, they are the soft close ones.  I am losing it.  Bye Bye :)


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